UPDATE 3/7/2018: Fern and Audrey now have their own non-profit ministry. Please donate to Discovering MErcy!

Many readers will know who “Fern and Audrey” are because of the Go Fund Me campaign to help finance the survivors of ritual abuse to whom they minister. Anyone who listened to the recent update of their ministry on the Naked Bible Podcast will also now know “Beth,” another minister who ministers alongside them in another state doing the same work. The episode described a bit of how their model differs from deliverance ministry.

This past Oct 1-2 I was able to spend a week with Fern, Audrey, and Beth, as well as other folks connected in some way to the ministry of Miqlat, the non-profit that I started last December. Fern and Audrey sent me this note from a survivor just before I arrived:

Thanks you so much for the funding that has been given to Fern and Audrey through Miqlat. While I was at the session provided fully by the gracious giving of others to their ministry, I was able to discover some things about myself. The biggest take away I got from my time with them was that I CAN choose me. For my entire life I’ve been choosing other people over me. And it’s time that I make a commitment to myself, to all of me. I have made a choice to start listening to parts of me that I had ignored most of my life. But now, it is time to choose me, to choose to trust myself that I am not crazy, and that I do deserve to be trusted with my memories, thoughts, and choices. Without my time with these two wonderful women and the Holy Spirit, I definitely would not be where I am today.

Thank you again for having made that possible for me and as I suspect, many others as well. Your donations do not go un-noticed.

Many blessings to you and your family!

I’ll be saying a bit more about the Miqlat meeting in the next issue of the newsletter. Hope those of you who subscribe enjoyed the photos!