Podcast listeners and newsletter subscribers recently heard about how Miqlat, our non-profit ministry, has begun a project to translate my book, Supernatural, into various translations. Our emphasis is on languages spoken in places where the believing Church has to operate underground or under some form of persecution. That said, we are open to any language with strategic population significance. The goal is to produce the translation and post it online for dissemination at no cost to readers of that given translation.

Miqlat is funding each translation, including payment to translators and/or ministry agencies that produce the translations. Each translation costs $3,000. Please consider donating to Miqlat to fund this project. If Unseen Realm or Supernatural changed your life or made the supernatural epic of the Bible more clear, that’s what we want to reproduce on a large scale for believers around the world who may not have access to good theological content. Each book will also include a gospel presentation.

Please consider donating to Miqlat to help fund this project.

I spent part of my day today typing out service agreements for translators who have stepped up to do the work. Thus far we have leads for nine translations, six of which (marked *) look like they will happen “for sure” in 2017:

Cebuano (major dialect of the Philippines)