If you’re following this blog you may have had two recent thoughts: (1) Mike’s time is being spent more on replying to comments than blogging; and (2) the comments are drifting away from the UFO theme.

Agree on both counts. Now for the remedy.

One of the stated goals of this blog was to introduce readers to peer-reviewed scholarship that in some way relates to UFOs (or re-introduce for some – I’m guessing the minority). To that end I am posting the following two articles for readers to read, as I’ll be commenting on them in the very near future (I’ll give you all a couple days to read them). The first is self-explanatory. The second will raise some eyebrows and prompt the question of how it relates to UFOs and religion. Oh … it does.  This one won’t make me any new friends in the UFO community. In the immortal words of Richard Hoagland, “stay tuned.”

Please read:

Thomas E. Bullard, “UFO Abduction Reports: The Supernatural Kidnap Narrative Returns in Technological Guise,” Journal of American Folklore 102:404 (Apr-June 1989): 147-170

Christa Kamenetsky, “Folklore as a Political Tool in Nazi Germany,” Journal of American Folklore 85:337 (July-Sept 1972): 221-235