Just a few notes.

I usually post statistics for the year on Jan 1, but I can’t do that (for the blogs anyway) this year, since my last wordpress upgrade destroyed my statistics plug in. I’m trying to get a new one in place (still). Now wordpress tells me I need to upgrade AGAIN to get any new plugin to work. So…

I will be upgrading this blog sometime in the middle of January. That means it may go down again, if recent history holds (the last two upgrades have nearly destroyed the site). I’ll be taking plenty of time to get backups in place before the upgrade. Even if I have to re-install the whole thing, I should be fine.  So, be aware of all this.

The above will also allow me to install some new security for the site. My host tells me there have been repeated hacking attempts on this blog. Probably another open-minded fundamentalist Sitchinite.

Statistically, all I can share of relevance for this audience is that my homepage and my Zecharia Sitchin website have continued to rise in traffic.  The stats are below. Thanks to all who visit and read!

Mike’s Homepage:

unique visitors 2009 169152
2010 239607
2011 243543
2012 286,675
number of visits 2009 330587
2010 559089
2011 683899
2012 771,015
website hits 2009 5563139
2010 7447119
2011 6627720
2012 9,196,722

Sitchin is Wrong.com

unique visitors 2009 67503
2010 107224
2011 101094
2012 132,407
number of visits 2009 79843
2010 132281
2011 124318
2012 161,052
website hits 2009 510381
2010 985305
2011 900302
2012 1,661,781