[UPDATE 12/22/2015:  Several readers have let me know that the Hebrew Voices site isn’t promoting Raelian cult or the Hebrew Roots movement — so that’s good news!].

If the source blog for this piece is promoting this idea (as opposed to reporting it), and if it’s mission statement (under About) = Hebrew Roots movement, then instead of baptizing ancient alien theory, we’re now seeing it circumcised. Here we go:

The Raëlians UFO Jews of Israel

This essay is an “episode” of “Hebrew Voices”; that much is clear. What isn’t clear is whether “Hebrew Voices” considers this nonsensical voice credible. I’ve not listened to the podcast, but I have read the post and the comments (what a feast they are …). Those items make me think the blog is promoting the Raelian idea. There’s nothing critical of the idea in terms of text. But if any of you Hebrew Rooters out there want to listen to potentially distance yourself from this stuff, please let me know. I have better things to do with my limited time. I already know a lot about ancient alien nonsense (obviously, I blog about it a lot) and know the Hebrew Bible and biblical theology pretty well. This is just ancient alien kookiness in a Judaic shawl. (In other words, it’s a contrivance).