Dr. David deSilva spent the last week here in Bellingham, WA at Logos. He’s part of our Mobile Ed faculty. He gave us a introductory course on the Apocrypha. David has authored what I think is the best introduction to the Apocrypha (Introducing the Apocrypha: Message, Context, and Significance), which is interesting, since he teaches at a Protestant seminary (Ashland). Logos has also this excellent book.

David is a friend from some years back in the early days of our Septuagint interlinear project. I always look forward to bumping into him at SBL, so getting to have lunch with him last week was a treat.

Even more fun was the podcast we recorded together. It’s just over forty minutes. David and I, along with Johnny Cisneros, our Director of Curriculum for Mobile Ed, got to talk about the Apocrypha, Septuagint, and their connections to the New Testament.