Hard to believe, I know. Here’s the headline from the UFO Chronicles: “John Podesta: I’ve Convinced Hillary Clinton To Declassify UFO Files” (Video).

Sure.  Now if he could only convince her to step away from the presidential race because she’s a felon (I speak here of the email/server scandal  … I know, “which scandal?”). Here’s a link from a left wing site that has adored Hillary in the past. It’s not political — it’s a little thing called federal law.

But of course Podesta is a Clinton hack, and she needs to occupy the oval office for this UFO promise to happen. If America elects a felon as president, I’m sure she’ll be completely honest about her efforts here. Just like the email scandal, the Benghazi scandal, her husband’s predatory behavior toward women, her magical Whitewater dealings, what her foundation actually does with the money (and where it comes from), etc. Who’s more gullible? Podesta or anyone who believes him?

News flash to Mr. Podesta. The people really in the know in Washington regarding UFOs don’t answer to elected officials. They may go through the motions, but the need-to-know establishment in that arena didn’t get to where they are through elections or appointments. They have their own pecking order and agenda.