There are just under two weeks left to sign up to go through an introductory biblical Hebrew grammar and/or an introductory biblical Greek grammar with Mike. The cut off date is September 19.

All of this is low-tech and low-pressure, and not software-based.  I guide you through the grammars over the course of a year (“guided self-study”).  That said, it *is* work.  I’d guess it’s a 5-7 hour per week commitment (per language).  Email Mike at mshmichaelsheiser [at] gmail [dot] com for a syllabus and how to sign up (there is a cost).

For those who did this last year or know Hebrew or Greek fairly well, there are also still two weeks to sign up for “readings” in Hebrew and Greek.  I’ll be using a Google Group format for Hebrew and Greek readings discussion (we go through passages with an eye toward applying grammar for interpretation).  If you are interested in that, email me as well for the details.