I’ve blogged before about the new Zondervan book, Four Views on the Historical Adam (ed. Matthew Barrett and Ardel Caneday). New Testament scholar Nijay Gupta has posted reviews of the first three of these views. They’re fair and thoughtful.

The four views are as follows, with links to Nijay’s reviews included:

(1) Lamoureux: Evolutionary Creation and No Historical Adam – Review

(2) John Walton: Archetypal Creation View and Historical Adam

(3) C. John Collins: Old-Earth Creation View and Historical Adam – Review of 2 and 3 combined

(4) William Barrick: Young-Earth Creation View and Historical Adam

Nijay says that he’ll also be writing something on the final view in the near future. Once that’s done, I’ll interact with him and the views a bit on this blog.