I presume many readers have already heard of this, but in case not, I though it was worth a link.

Writing on Cryptzoonews.com, Loren Coleman, well known for his work in cryptozoology, writes:

The February 2014 issue Soldier of Fortune contains an article entitled “UFO Mystery Solved: ‘Mothmen’ Were Actually Green Berets.”

Author Harold Hutchison writes that Special operations forces near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, were testing high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) parachuting for use in Vietnam.  According to Hutchinson, the jumpers used luminous paint to be seen during the tests.

The link includes excerpts and pictures from the one-page Soldier of Fortune article.

My two cents is that it explains a lot of what’s associated with the original mothman sightings, but not everything. There’s also no link to any specific government documentation. That would help.