You just knew it was going to happen.  Now the underwater city that really isn’t an underwater city is being linked to Atlantis!  Sweet!

PaleoBabble followers will recall that many commenters to earlier posts on this “find” pointed us in the direction of “ghost circuitry” images or “compression artifacts” of the Google Earth satellite imaging  Here are two representative comments

Ffrom “Dave in California”:

“If you look closely it almost looks like a cicuit board of sorts, Google Earth people have addressed this before (a few years back), something about a dark spot where the image of the circuitry is reflected back of some sorts, if this is true, who knows, I don’t build satelites, but you can see this all over google earth in many different spots. Is this a record of the land before the flood, or just a reflection of the circutry of the lens? You decide.”

And, from “Isabella”

“The new images make it fairly obvious that the images are compression artifacts. Not surprising, as Google Earth (GE) went through the same thing a few years ago with a “structure” off the coast of Africa. If you look at any GE image of a large body of water you will see the same sort of shapes. It’s the result of the way in which visual information is stored that only really becomes visible in images of this size.”

Hmmm . . . Atlantis . . . or a known technological phenomenon . . . Atlantis . . . technology . . . technology . . . Atlantis . . .?

Where’s Edgar Cayce when you need him!?