We’ve reached the point now where we can transition from explaining the four pillars of the “fundamentalist” view to offering some points of (friendly) critique.  Here they are for sake of review:

1. Abductee testimony of the forcible trauma of their experience.

2. The similarity of abductee testimony to early Christian (and otherwise) reports of demonization.

3. The similarity of abductee testimony to the events described in Genesis 6:1-4 (and other ancient Jewish texts).

4. A belief that the events of Genesis 6 (and so, an alien presence) is a specific touchpoint in New Testament teaching about the Second Coming (or, for many, the notion of a rapture — which is not the same as what is broadly thought of as the Second Coming).

I’ve commented somewhat on these to this point, but I want to provide more thoughts on them as a way of letting you all know my own thinking.  I’ll do so working backward from number 4 — the eschatological element.

Many of you know I really don’t like eschatology since all the views have good points and all feature weaknesses and questionable (if not just plain poor) argumentation.  I am currently going through a detailed series on eschatology on another blog of mine, The Naked Bible. Here is the page where all my posts on eschatology are listed in order.  I will presume for future posts that you have read them.  For the next few posts after this one, I will simply be linking to my Naked Bible eschatology posts and summarizing them.  I know some of you might feel lost doing all this theology, but it’s all necessary background information to any critique of any eschatological position that wants to make UFOs and aliens part of the end times.