Course registration for MEMRA 2014 is now live. I’ll be offering four online courses, all of them 52 weeks in duration:

Beginning Biblical Hebrew

Beginning Biblical Greek

Beginning Ugaritic

Beginning Aramaic

The last one in the list is new this year. I was considering also adding Egyptian, but that will have to wait until next time. The 2014 module begins on January 6, 2014, which will give me time to migrate the existing courses to a new (and better) platform. Registration ends on Christmas day.

Course descriptions can be found here. I also recommend reading through the FAQs.

For those new to MEMRA, I have made hundreds of HD videos of me going through college/seminary level grammars for each language, along with vocabulary. I go through the exercises in each grammar (which also have answer keys) just like you’d experience if you took the course on a green campus somewhere (actually, it’s better since you can replay them if you don’t understand something). Students ask me questions via a discussion forum. The Hebrew course has around 140 videos; Greek around 130. The Ugaritic grammar is shorter, so that one has around 50 videos. The videos run in Quicktime so you can watch them on handheld devices, any computer, or an iPad.

Here are some sample videos.

If you want to learn these languages at your own pace over the course of a year, you can’t do better (really). I charge $150 for the year (so $3 a week, less than a latte). I’m discounting that price to $125 until Thanksgiving.

If you’ve always wanted to learn biblical Hebrew or Greek on your own (or Ugaritic or Aramaic), now you can.