In three weeks I’ll be in New Bern, North Carolina. The dates are January 16-17 (a Friday night and Saturday). I’ll be doing ten sessions, a couple of which will be open Q & A. The topics range from biblical studies (divine council material, how to think about the Bible) and apologetics in a post-Christian, neo-pagan world.  The full schedule, along with registration information (it’s not expensive) are found here.

Except for the Old Testament Godhead session, this will be the first time I’ve presented these topics in a church (i.e., outside academic conferences). In the Friday night sessions I’ll be focusing on things like gnosticism, postmodernism, transhumanism, and “science fiction mythologies” (the sort of convergence of things I aim for in my novels with an apologetics bent). Saturday will be broad, topical overviews of items I write about in The Unseen Realm. If you’re in the NC. SC, VA area and can come, I hope you’ll do so to encourage the organizers — and to chat. It’ll be fun and informative.