Many readers will be aware that one of the important elements of my work on the divine council and the biblical supernatural worldview is the notion that the New Testament doctrine of a Trinitarian Godhead derives from the Old Testament. (In case you’re presuming I’m getting that from the plurals in Gen. 1:26, you’d be wrong — that passage has nothing to do with a Trinity). The Old Testament Godhead became the basis for what used to be called the Two Powers in Heaven doctrine in ancient Judaism, something that became a heresy for Jews after the rise of Christianity. This issue was part of my doctoral dissertation.

A short promotional video and blog post for my Mobile Ed Course, “Jewish Trinity” just went live. The course is an overview of the divine council and how the Old Testament evidences and Godhead.

If you’ve ever wondered how Jews who embraced the Shema (“Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one”;  Deut. 6:4; JPS Tanakh) could embrace Jesus as God incarnate, especially since they were willing to be put to death rather than worship the gods of their Roman overlords, this course is for you.