My interview on the Eric Metaxas Show airs today (2-4 pm Eastern time; I’m in hour 2, starting at 3pm Eastern).

I’m a newcomer to Eric’s show (about two months now). I enjoy its eclectic nature and the fact that he’s unafraid to make the faith orientation of his show clear to listeners. Who would have thought … an intelligent Christian radio show from the heart of New York City! Here’s the archive link for those encountering this later than today (look for December 13).

On a personal level, this was an interesting interview. Those of you familiar with The Unseen Realm and divine council content in general will note how Eric reflexively assumes Psalm 82 is about humans. His background is Greek Orthodox (not sure how he defines his faith tradition now), so that may have something to do with where his thinking went once we got into Psalm 82. Orthodoxy places significant emphasis on theosis — human believers becoming divine (what evangelicals call glorification, and what scholars call deification). We spent a lot of time on the psalm, with me explaining that the ‘elohim there aren’t people — and that matters for what Jesus says in John 10.

In a nutshell, not the kind of conversation you’d expect from a mainstream Christian talk show. But I’d guess that’s why his show is popular. A lot of believers — a lot of people in general — are hungry for intelligent content and conversation.