Many of you will recall our Naked Bible Podcast interviews with Fern and Audrey and, on two occasions, Beth. They minister to trauma survivors (what the psychology field calls survivors of trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse). Back in episode 186 of the Naked Bible Podcast we had an update with Fern and Audrey about the launch of their own non-profit ministry (Discovering MErcy). I’m happy to announce that Beth has launched the same sort of ministry: Hesed Place. There is also a Facebook Page for Hesed Place.

(NOTE: Hesed Place is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit entity).

From the “About” page on the Hesed Place website:

Hesed Place exists because of a passion to come alongside survivors of severe trauma throughout all stages of the healing journey. It takes courage for a survivor to step out, take a chance, make changes, dare to trust, and believe things could possibly be different.

Hesed Place hopes to provide the necessary support and opportunities to make the survivor’s effort more successful. We strive to do what we can to decrease the likelihood of logistical barriers getting in the way.

Our goal is to provide referral-based, in-network services for all aspects of need. This approach provides for each survivor consistent trauma-informed support across disciplines. Whether one is just beginning the process of life-changing decisions or is farther along in the process, our hope is to be able to assist in the continuum of progression toward living a full, independent life.

Now that both of these ministries are formed, I will be closing the Fern and Audrey Go Fund Me at the end of this month. I’ll announce that here when it’s closed.

Please give directly to either ministry to help survivors! For what it is I’m talking about (and how it is not deliverance ministry), I recommend listening to Naked Bible Podcast episodes 68 and 149.