MIQLAT is starting a YouTube Channel for personal testimonies. The channel will live here. My son Calvin is getting it started now.

We’d like as many people as possible to contribute video testimonies – tell us how you came to the Lord. We want to know how you became a believer.

I grew up as a believer hearing people relate how they came to the faith. It’s powerful even if your testimony is unspectacular (like mine – I will be putting mine up there as well). People need to hear stories about how God works in lives. That’s the purpose of the channel.

Here’s what we need you to do if you want to add your testimony to the channel:

  1. Record a video of yourself telling your story of how you came to Christ. We don’t need anything with high video production value, though if you can record it in HD that’s preferable.
  2. Make sure the video was recorded and that we can hear you (check the audio).
  3. Give your video a file name that includes your first and last name. We’ll use that to title the video.
  4. Subscribe to the MIQLAT newsletter if you have not already done so. We have created a DropBox folder for folks to upload their testimonies. We can’t put the shareable link online for obvious reasons (we don’t need offensive material uploaded to our folder). Consequently, you can only obtain the shareable link by subscribing to the newsletter. Click here to subscribe. The shareable link is in the latest issue of the newsletter and will appear in all newsletter issues going forward.
  5. Use the shareable link and then upload your video file. I presume you will first have to move the video file from your camera to your laptop, and then upload it from your laptop. But maybe there are other ways – such as YouTube. If you upload it to YouTube (maybe you have your own channel), you could just send us a link to it – to calvinheiser@gmail.com).
  6. Download this file: MIQLAT YouTube Channel Video Release Form. It’s a release form. As a non-profit, we are required to keep these on file. It’s one page and says you authorize us to upload your video. Sign and date the form (it also requires a witness, or parents if the video is of a minor), then get it to us in one of two ways: (1) scan it, convert it to PDF and upload it to the same shared folder the video goes into; (2) Take a picture of it and upload the picture to the shared folder. In either case, please put your name in the file name so we can match it to a video. We cannot post your video without your release form.

Calvin Heiser will be handling the videos that we receive. If it’s over 15 minutes, we’ll have to break it up into number segments until YouTube authorizes the channel to upload longer files. That would be in a few weeks.

Please tell friends about the site!