Simcha Jacobovici, the man who brought us the feast of non-sequiturs known as the Jesus Tomb, has a new “discovery” for us, just in time for Easter. That’s so weird! Jacobovic now claims he has found — get this — two nails from Jesus’ cross in the tomb. The holy grail can’t be far behind (just a little more digging . . . I think I can, I think I can).  And when you find the crystal skull after that, there’s only one more prize to go — the real pay day — the alien body.

Simcha, you’re a man born out of time. Or maybe you’re a time traveler from the Middle Ages, when bogus relic hunting and gathering were where the action was for manipulating the minds of the masses. And now you’ve also found a way to monetize it. Sweet.

I have to wonder how long James Tabor is going to allow his name to be associated with this P.T. Barnum for our time.