This episode invites David Burnett back to the podcast for a discussion of his research on 1 Cor 15:35-50. In an earlier episode on this chapter, we talked about the meaning of Paul’s phrase “the spiritual body.” This time around, David draws our attention to the listing of “bodies” (celestial vs. earthly) in vv. 35-41 and asks: (1) what part of the OT is Paul drawing on for this list and (2) why would Paul bother to bring up this list in a discussion of the resurrection. The answers will blow your mind, as the listing derives from, and connects into, a number of well-known divine council passages. Once you hear David’s explanation of the most important text on the resurrection in the entire New Testament, 1 Corinthians 15, you will never read it the same way again. If you’ve ever wondered how the divine council worldview relates to New Testament theology, this is an episode for you.

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Transcript 95 David Burnett Death of the Gods