I highly recommend watching this Open Minds TV report. This is what’s supposed to happen with such things — people doing real investigative work.

Here are some of the photos. They are indeed stunning, but most likely not extraterrestrial.




Presuming you watched the video report, here’s my own two cents on why the original naval guys said they didn’t know what these objects were (especially when a naval weapons exercise makes sense):

1) Maybe they never actually saw such a test — in which case, they’d be telling the truth.

2) Maybe they are still under some sort of secrecy oath — in which case, they’re avoiding the question.

In other words, there need not be anything conspiratorial about their ignorance.

Now one obvious question for those who’d insist these *must* be ET craft, against where the evidence is pointing right now: If these are not extraterrestrial, doesn’t it seem reasonable that this sort of balloon / dirigible technology, extant in 1971, underwent further development and could explain a lot of UFO sightings (triangles and cigar-shaped)? You may not like it, but the answer is yes.

I really wish this one had turned out to be real and unidentified (i.e., they weren’t ours — which doesn’t mean they are ET)  … especially given the northern location (cf. The Portent).