I leave tomorrow to film an interview with GAIAM TV, specifically the show Beyond Belief, with George Noory. Yes, that George Noory. Beyond Belief is a video/TV counterpart to Coast to Coast AM. It will be nice to see George again, along with other staff that I know (and don’t know).

For those of you who are wondering, I did indeed chat with the producer about my History Channel experience. He was appalled. I’ve known the producer for a number of years (he’s connected with Coast to Coast AM as well). He assured me that the sort of editorial dishonest perpetrated by Weller-Grossman studios on behalf of the History Channel won’t happen. I believe him, given my long history with Coast to Coast AM. They’ve always been gracious and professional.

We’ll film two half-hour segments. I’ve heard they do on-stream a week or so later, but I’ll likely learn more when I’m there. My topic is biblical astral prophecy. For those of you who’ve read The Portent, you know what we’ll be discussing. No blood moon nonsense. Just stuff that you’d find in peer-reviewed academic journals (and more fascinating). I’ll post something about the trip and the topic when I get back.