This post critiquing a well-known Christian Darwinist’s mis-articulation of intelligent design is absolutely worth reading. I post it here in light of several ideas I have noted several times on this blog:

1. Evolutionary theory and intelligent design are not incompatible (it is the Darwinian approach to evolution that is the rub).

2. Given the first statement, proof of evolution would fail to invalidate Christianity’s belief in a creator.

3. Those who desperately want to affirm a panspermia model for how life arose here on earth — thereby validating in their mind the existence of ET life (intelligent or otherwise) and rendering any belief in a Creator as passe — fail to understand intelligent design’s stance toward evolution (not to mention failing in sound logic).

At any rate, the essay is quite good, as it shows through discussions of terms and phrases, omissions and deletions, how intelligent design is misunderstood. And as incoherent as I think their religion is, ancient astronaut theorists will also appreciate it, since it points out how intelligent design can work (along with evolution) for more than one type of creator model.