One more item to throw out for illustrative purposes. After this, I’m going back to inspiration and begin to produce my own statement (I’m calling it “The Bellingham Statement” since I work in Bellingham, WA). Posts will be much shorter, as my goal is to produce affirmations and denials and let you all work on the wording with me.

Broadly speaking, there are certain problems in the text that may have a literary solution. The one I’m picking here is yet again another very clear example that God himself isn’t producing the words of the text as the immediate agent of the text. If he was, he’d be awfully confused (or have a real short memory, or just want to play mind games with us as some sort of capricious, taunting deity).

We all know about the plagues in Exodus 7-12. If you need to, you can skim those chapters to get the number and order of the plagues. So how come the psalmist couldn’t get this right in Psalm 105?  In Psalm 105:23-36 we not only have plagues left out, but the order is quite wrong. What’s up with that? Is this an error? It would sure seem so — but there may be a literary explanation.  Here’s one attempt.