Just a quick note.

I’ve created a Twitter account so that when I post on any of my blogs, notification will appear there. (And it worked on another blog, so it should for this post as well).  I needed to post the information here as well.

I don’t know much about Twitter.  I think that if you click here you will go to my Twitter page and can decide to follow me or not. It might be a good way to be alerted right away when I post something (at least that’s what I’m thinking — don’t worry, I won’t be alerting you to what I had for breakfast or when I’m taking the dog out). As noted above, we’ll see if it’s working.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t send posts to Facebook, I tried setting up the Plugin and creating the necessary Facebook App for automatically posting notifications, but killed the idea as soon as Facebook wanted my credit card number for account “verification” (hey, how about the fact that I’m in your website, which required a password get there?). It will be a cold day in Sheol before I give the Facebook troll my credit card information. The site would also accept a mobile device but I don’t have one. So that died a quick death.