Hi everyone. Blogging has been a bit slow (on this blog anyway) for two reasons. First, there’s the flurry of activity over this past week regarding the forgery trial in Israel concerning “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” ossuary, as well as the new Talpiot B tomb (a tomb alleged to be related to the other Talpiot tomb, the so-called “Jesus Family Tomb”). The James ossuary is thought by promoters of that tomb to have originally been part of that tomb. I’ve been blogging on all that over at PaleoBabble if anyone is interested. Second, I’ve been tied up trying to be more deliberate about social media and podcasting. The latter prompts some news.

Twitter and (Not) Facebook

I’ve created a Twitter account so that when I post on any of my blogs, notification will appear there as well. I don’t know much about Twitter.  I think that if you click here you will go to my Twitter page and can decide to follow me or not. It might be a good way to be alerted right away when I post something (at least that’s what I’m thinking — don’t worry, I won’t be alerting you to what I had for breakfast or whether my dog just did #1 or #2). As noted above, we’ll see if it’s working.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t send posts to Facebook, I tried setting up the Plugin and creating the necessary Facebook App for automatically posting notifications, but killed the idea as soon as Facebook wanted my credit card number for account “verification” (hey, how about the fact that I’m in your website, which required a password get there?). It will be a cold day in Sheol before I give the Facebook troll my credit card information. The site would also accept a mobile device but I don’t have one. So that died a quick death.


Lastly, there is the podcast. That *might* begin this weekend. It has an “almost there” feel to it, but whenever I get that tingle I usually discover four or five things I haven’t done correctly or have overlooked. But keep your eyes peeled. I will post episode alerts here that will have the actual podcast site link. If you follow that link you will be able to subscribe on iTunes at the actual podcast site.  I’ll also be archiving episode links on a podcast “page” here at the blog. The whole process has been more involved than I anticipated.

Stay tuned!