I’m planning on launching the new MEMRA site this weekend, complete with course offerings and a description of changes.  But since I’m already into revision my Hebrew and Greek courses, I wanted some quick feedback — especially from anyone who has an iPhone or an iPad.

Below are two versions of the same video — the Perfect tense in Greek. I’d like to know how they look and sound, as well as whether they were easy to download/get (just right-click and then select “Save File As” to save without viewing). I don’t have an iPhone or iPad, so I don’t know how people get things for those devices. I assume people will know how to do that (and please tell me if I’m wrong there).

They are all Quicktime (.mov) files. If you don’t have Quicktime, you can download the viewer here for free.

The above reveals some obvious changes from MEMRA’s first year. Because I am giving myself a good head start before courses actually begin (see the next post), there will be hundreds of videos for courses — including all new (and better) videos for Greek and Hebrew. Students will also be able to download videos, as they will be in Quicktime format.

And yes, those who already took the Hebrew and Greek courses will get access to all the new videos.