Just wanted to let you all know that the presentations will be recorded for audio AND video. The audios, so far as I know, will be available for free on the church’s website. Regarding video, there’s a bit of a catch.  I’ll be bringing back the raw videos files on a hard drive. I don’t want to give people who don’t for me work to do, and wasn’t planning on creating DVDs with these. I will probably turn them over to my son and test his editing skills. He’s fifteen and really into video, so I want to see if he can make these watchable (he’s edited things before, but I’ll be sure to make copies of the files). If we incorporate slides, it’ll be a lot of work for him. There will be ten sessions, two of which are Q & A. That means I can’t yet tell you when they’ll be available or in what form.  Uploading them for online viewing seems like the best way to go since I don’t have duplication equipment (does anyone watch lectures on DVDs any more?). Suggestions are welcome. I’ll probably charge a little for the lot or suggest a donation for my son — something to acquaint him with the concept of a job. 🙂

Anyway, that’s the plan.