I can let this cat out of the bag now.

In response to the numerous comments to my “should I be doing online teaching?” post, I’ve decided to bring back the podcast, though the form will be a bit different. I can sketch the basics here.

To make the long thought process short, a Naked Bible reader (Trey) with experience in podcasting has volunteered to help me revive the podcast. He’ll be helping with both format and logistics, as well as being a conversation partner. In the original podcast, the episodes were mostly scripted, that won’t be the case with Naked Bible Podcast 2.0. The plan is to do a weekly teaching session (I’m starting with the book of Acts). Trey will introduce the episode, I’ll do my thing, then we’ll chat a bit about the content. We will collect questions from listeners and, at various points, do episodes that are just Q & A.

These sessions will not be business-as-usual. They will not be sermons, nor will they sermonize. The emphasis is content (I want people to learn something). Consider your subscription to what you’ve heretofore experienced as Sunday School canceled.ย  I will presuppose that listeners have the basics of the divine council and the divine council worldview. To that end, I’ve already made several PPT videos going through that material that will live on the site. Their purpose is for newcomers to watch before following the podcast. I’m going to jump into Acts and, basically, have you follow me as I read it and think about the text through my eyes. After Acts I will likely do Leviticus. It won’t be verse-by-verse, looking at minutiae. There will be no set format. I’m going to take sections / passages as they come and help you read them more intelligently (i.e., more like a biblical writer/reader would have processed the material). My guess is that each episode will be a half hour.

I’m busy creating a new website for the podcast. My webmaster (Joe) is helping there. We should be all set up with the first episode recorded and live by Feb 1.ย  That’s the goal anyway.

There is also a new podcast coming on other stuff I’m interested in … stay tuned for news on that.