Cris Putnam sent me a link to his review of Steven Greer’s film. Cris noted in the email:

It’s amazingly incoherent that Greer claims to be in contact with the ETs but at the same time the problem with the world is that government is hiding the ET technology…. If he’s telling the truth ET should just give it to him.

Uh . . . yeah. But that’s Greer. Tell everyone you’re an MD till many are convinced that makes you an authority on issues outside of medicine, make lots of noise on the web, then produce content that’s about as logical as a square bowling ball.

This is the sort of thing that mars Greer’s credibility. On one hand, he deserves credit for gathering important witnesses in the military, government, and intelligence apparati. But on the other he comes up with vapor and misdirection like this.

Thanks to Cris for the review!