Below is a (roughly) ten minute interview of Rich Dolan from the 2008 Laughlin, NV UFO conference. It’s very good. Rich is always a good listen (and a good read). I also personally like him, so I may be a bit biased. I agree entirely with his assessment that UFOs are indeed a worthwhile and important historical subject. The data for that conclusion is easily demonstrable. Just read Rich’s two lengthy volumes on the subject. To say they are data-driven is quite an understatement; he knows what he’s doing as a historian and researcher).

In this interview, Rich refers to “non-human intelligences” being behind UFOs. I think that’s a good working term, since it’s broad. He also acknowledges at least some of these intelligences are quite evil. I’d encourage you to watch it as well because of the very obvious “big picture” issues that invariably overlap with religion.

As readers know, I pretty much parse the UFO issue into “advanced and largely unknown–even in military circles–human technology” and (using Rich’s term) “non-human intelligence.” I see no reason why a demon or angel would need technology of this sort (vehicles). I am open to such beings, since they are created and must be made of something, needing other sorts of technology to traverse dimensions, that sort of thing. They cannot act as though they are independent of the physical world since they are part of it. Hence the (perhaps awkward) use of the word “technology”.  Only God is truly apart from creation (at least in a biblical theology).  What this means for me are thoughts as follows:

1. UFOs and non-human intelligences may or may not even be related issues. Here are the sub-categorizations:

(A) All real UFOs (i.e., those that are clearly not astronomical or meteorological phenomena) are above top-secret human craft, using exotic technologies not even widely used within the military.

(B) All UFOs are produced by non-human intelligences. That may mean they are physical (material), or that they are not physical (material). The latter includes both an inter-dimensional sense and a “projected” sense (see D below).

(C) Some UFOs are man-made, some are made by non-human intelligences.

(D) Some UFOs are man-made, some are manufactured (visually) by human or non-human intelligences (for this one, see this link).

2. Non-human intelligences may or may not be related to what the Bible would call demons or aliens. Here are the sub-categorizations:

(A) There may be a complete overlap (aliens = demons, or aliens = angels, some of whom are fallen/evil);

(B) There may be partial overlap (some aliens = demons, or some aliens = angels, some of whom are fallen/evil, but some aliens may be either extraterrestrial beings [occupants of a physical planet somewhere] or some aliens may be extra-dimensional beings [having nothing to do with a planetary existence as we know it]).

(C) There may be no overlap at all (there are demons [or fallen angels] or demons or aliens or extra-dimensional beings, each in its own category or box).

And readers know that none of the above gives me the slightest bit of theological trepidation. All options are on the table.