My blog reader treated me this morning to this post from UFO Mystic. It is headlined “NSA Document Verifies ET Contact” and touts a de-classified NSA Technical Journal article by H. H. Campaigne that examines radio signals from space.  The article determines that the signals show intelligence and then ends by saying that more signals from space have been received.  Must be Disclosure!  A little digging would show that wasn’t and isn’t the case.

The PDF at the UFO Mystic link takes you to an NSA Technical Journal article from volume 14, issue no. 1.  The first paragraph alludes to an earlier article (volume 11, no. 2) which is not provided by UFO Mystic (or the site from which it got the story), nor by many other websites tossing this “disclosure” around.  Here is the earlier article (also written by Campaigne), which took less than five minutes of my time to find.  That article in turn refers to yet another previous article (NSA Technical Journal, volume 11, no. 1) written by Lambros Callimahos.  Another five minutes of work.  So what’s the point?

The point is that, taken in order and context, this whole thing is a thought experiment between Callimahos and Campaigne, and their readers, in the NSA Technical Journal on hypothetical contact and decipherment of an ET signal. These were released in 2004 to boot — to no hullabaloo. Disclosure Gullibility FAIL again. The whole exercise is sketched out here if you are curious.