Yes, the pun is intended.

As I (and of course others) suspected as soon as we saw the picture, the alleged alien is a mummy. OpenMinds TV has an expose here. Good work by Alejandro Rojas and, in particular, Isaac Koi.

Make sure you download the Anthronotes study of the mummy, linked in the above post. And yes, there was a number on the skull.

So what have we learned? Here are some thoughts:

1. Jaime Maussan should no longer be considered a reliable researcher in ufology. To be honest, I’ve thought for some years now that he’s amazingly gullible. If you didn’t think he jumped the shark before, he’s in orbit now.

2. Ditto the above for anyone who promoted this “discovery”. You might think it harsh, but deal with it. This is precisely the sort of thing that gives serious researchers in this strangeness field (and others) a black eye. People who are this gullible and so prone to uncritical thinking shouldn’t be given any air time for their pseudo-research.

3. People who donated money to this cause ought to contact lawyers and sue. Maybe if that happened we’d see less of this BS.

Gosh – I wonder if Edgar Mitchell’s looking for a TV camera now. He was an astronaut, you know.