Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, so I can blog this. Logos Bible Software (my employer) and the Society of Biblical Literature have announced the release (next month at the SBL conference) of a new edition of the Greek NT. (Free print copies will be handed out at SBL). You can read about the new Greek NT edition over at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog. Dr. Michael Holmes, a highly respected textual critic and NT scholar and the new testament’s editor, posted his own announcement there this morning.

Why the excitement? Because now there will be a scholarly edition of the Greek NT available online for free. Not only does it have its own unique features (see Holmes’ post at ETC), but scholars and Greek NT enthusiasts who have always wanted to produce some sort of enterprise (like an interlinear) online and have been encumbered by royalty and licensing issues in the past may now move forward.

Just another example of how Logos seeks to move biblical scholarship forward — this time with the invaluable partnership of SBL. If you want the text in electronic form, you can download it at the bottom of this link.