Just a few notes:

  1. If you contributed to the divine council bibliography Go Fund Me campaign, check your email. There’s a note and a survey link in there that I hope you’ll respond to.
  2. The location for the Unseen Realm event this weekend has changed from a place in Gig Harbor, WA to Tacoma, WA. Check the calendar for details.
  3. I apologize for the lack of substantive blogging in the last month or two. Aside from the podcast, it’s been mostly book/personal stuff. I don’t like doing non-substantive things. I’m honestly swamped with interviews and other stuff I need to do for Faithlife that isn’t normally on my plate – stuff I am also having to do at home as well (being a team player; we’re trying to get something out the door by the end of Sept). I also have more grading this fall than ever before (my adjuncting). I’m traveling in mid-September for something I do every year that is both Unseen Realm and novel-related (not a public event), so that will take some time, too.  But I always look forward to it. Hopefully after the Missouri event (Oct 2-3) things will normalize. As many of you know, my great fear with the book is having little time outside work (interviews, travel) to work on things. I’m hoping I will be able to do most (really, all) of the interviews during the day. The events will not cause more need for prep after I’ve done a couple, so they won’t be an issue after October. Besides, they will be fun.