Jack Brewer reported a few days ago that the erstwhile (and shady) Steven Greer is at it again. Jack’s piece begins this way:

Dr. Steven Greer announced yesterday he received photos of alleged classified government documents related to Project Aquarius, a purported operation involving the retrieval of crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and occupants. Greer stated the photos were received May 21. He tweeted yesterday they were “received in mail”.

Some of the alleged new documents involve briefings of MJ-12, the highly secret intelligence group associated with the so-called Majestic Documents. Most people in the UFO research community think they are bogus, given their tortured history. Readers will know (and Jack points out) that I had some of those documents linguistically analyzed for authenticity. They didn’t do well. Back in 2007, the MUFON Journal (MUFON = the Mutual UFO Network) devoted 70 pages to a lengthy “state of the question” article on the Majestic Documents (starts on page 3 of the link). They don’t do well there, either.

Greer of course is the guy who brought the world the Atacama alien. For those keeping score, that doesn’t exactly land in the credibility column.

The most interesting thing about Brewer’s article is this nugget:

According to the CSETI 2012 IRS Form 990EZ, the organization surrendered its tax-exempt nonprofit status and declared the company a for-profit corporation effective Jan. 1, 2013. Some $177,000 in consultation fees were reported paid to the Greer-owned Crossing Point Inc. during the 2012 accounting period. A total of $180,360 was reported paid to Crossing Point in 2011, and over $214,000 was paid to the company by CSETI in 2010. Expenses paid to Crossing Point were nearly 70 percent of the $833,083 total CSETI revenue reported during the three-year period, according to 990 forms filed to the IRS.

Hope my wife isn’t reading my blog. She’ll wonder why we’re not in this racket. Nice timing for the new “disclosure documents” to appear. Maybe Dr. Greer wants to take a nice summer vacation.