Most of you will know that my non-profit, MIQLAT, is funding the translation of my book, Supernatural: What the Bible Says About the Unseen World–And Why it Matters. It’s the “lite” version of The Unseen Realm. 

Over 20 translations are running or have been completed. Here’s the link to the page where the translations will live online. There are two translations not yet added that have recently finished.

The translations are free to reproduce and distribute in any form. The idea is that the book will be free to any who read these languages and that people will send the files all over the internet. Piracy is encouraged. I’d like the book on every phone in all these languages.

Eventually we hope to have Kindle versions posted as well.

We’re grateful to all those who donate whatever they can to MIQLAT. We will be writing and translating discipleship material in 2018 with the same goal in mind.