That’s not exactly the title of this interesting post that popped up today on Uncommon Descent, but those are the implications.  Here’s a portion that will give you the gist and trajectory:

Some years ago I read a book called “Lying for God”. It was a systematic emotionally laden deconstruction of YEC. I wondered with disbelief at the time, whether people who are YECs really would knowingly lie to promote their understanding of the world. That was a long time ago, and since then I have frequently come across many people who spout what seem to me to be lies to uphold all sorts of worldviews.

It was with this background that I was intrigued by a headline in New Scientist “Biologists create self replicating RNA molecule“. This piece of writing is unashamedly designed to promote the RNA world wishful thinking hypothesis of the spontaneous generation of life.

Yeah, there’s some good science. Spontaneous generation.

Although this doesn’t directly relate to the religious thinking that wants an extraterrestrial replacement for God, it would serve that wish.