Hat tip to Terry the Censor for finding the Amar Annus article to which I alluded on the Conspirinormal podcast:

Amar Annus, “On the Origin of Watchers: A Comparative Study of the Antediluvian Wisdom in Mesopotamian and Jewish Traditions,” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha vol. 19:4 (2010): 277-320.

As I noted in the comments:

This article deals a death blow to any non-supernatural (or non-mythic as some prefer) interpretation in the sense that, if you care about interpreting the Bible in context, no human interpretation of the sons of God can work. It violates every point of context. Annus’ article is the most current study on the Mesopotamian apkallu. It supersedes ALL preceding work on this subject. That means your standard academic commentaries that all pastors are using are hopelessly out of date and mis-informed. Anyone commenting on Gen 6:1-4 hereafter will have to account for this article or else be academically inept.

Read it and be amazed. This is what comparative analysis is supposed to look like. The Sethite view was incoherent before. Now it’s become the position for ostriches.

This is the sort of material that I interact with in The Unseen Realm. I’m trying to take serious, up-to-date scholarship on the weird passages of the Bible and the supernatural worldview of its writers and make it decipherable to non-specialists — while synthesizing it all. Everyone says their new book is different and revelatory. In this case, the claim is real. Those of you who’ve read the first draft way back know I’m not kidding. You’ll never read your Bible the same way again.