That’s the question raised in this article. And no, it’s not from a hair-brained source. There appears to be something to it (presuming the report is accurate that some of the chat comes from NASA engineers), though the testing has not been verified.

This possibility bears some relationship to the possibility (for me, “most plausible option”) that what we think of as UFOs (round or otherwise) are powered by human technology. Enthusiasts are invited to check out Igor Witkowski’s book on the Wunderwaffe in this respect: The Truth About The Wunderwaffe. The brief description of the essential ideas/components for this NASA warp drive can ALL be found in German science sources (de-classified items, science journals, etc.) that date back to WWII — subject matter covered by Witkowski.  I get into all this in The Portent.

None of this, of course, means the Nazis had “anti-gravity” or gravity modification for powering wingless or delta craft. And I don’t believe for a minute they had a warp drive. The point is that they had tinkered with all the necessary technologies. Nuclear power (mentioned in the article) is all you’d need for (pardon the oxymoron) a conventional UFO, which doesn’t of necessity need to have any relation to a warp drive. But whether they achieved such applications is speculative.