If you follow me on Twitter (@msheiser) — and you really should, since communication there is more immediate — you know that The Portent, the sequel to my novel The Façade, went live on Amazon yesterday. I hope everyone who read The Façade will get one. The Façade has done quite well in reviews (150 of them between Amazon and GoodReads, 4+ stars out of 5). I think people will like The Portent, too. Like The Façade, every ancient text, document, historical figure, etc. is real. I put a lot of research into these things!

Some important notes on The Portent:

1. It’s not a “stand alone” read – you need to have read The Façade to really follow the storyline. The Façade is of course still available on Amazon. It will be getting a new cover there very soon. That may appear in days. Here’s the synopsis of The Portent:

The climactic ending of The Façade left Brian Scott and Melissa Kelley with only each other—and the terrible secrets they carry with them. The Portent finds them living together under new identities, their future clouded by constant fear of exposure and the haunting uncertainty of their feelings for each other.

By the time they learn they’re being watched, their carefully constructed lives will be over.

The Portent follows Brian and Melissa as they discover themselves at the center of an unthinkably vast conspiracy that spans centuries, crafted by a relentless evil bent on turning the faith of millions against itself.

Ancient tombs, long-forgotten Nazi experiments, UFOs, occult mythologies, biblical theology, and technologies yielding godlike power converge to create a disturbing mosaic that answers a terrifying question: Now that “they” are here, what do they want?

2. The last chapter of The Portent contains a clue to unraveling a significant plot element in the story, one that will continue in the third book. A second clue is available only in a handbook I’ve created for The Portent. The clues are part of a contest (explained in a Postscript in The Portent). The first person to solve the puzzle described therein will get a character named after them in the third book.