I just wanted to put in a good word for John Barry’s new book, The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah. John is a colleague of mine at Logos.

Having read through some sections of John’s book when it was a thesis, and having read the recommendations (Bruce Waltke was especially enthusiastic), I can encourage you to get the book.  It is available in hard copy through Paternoster (and Amazon) and in digital form in the Libronix format.

The subject matter of the book is obviously an important focus for biblical studies. John argues that the Servant in Isaiah 53 is an individual and that the language points to resurrection. The work is technical in places (e.g., part of John’s argument is guided by discourse analysis in Isaiah).  He interacts at length with arguably the two most important scholars on Isaiah 53, Orlinsky and Whybray.

Hope you’ll check it out!