I just read through the comments and one reader asked about Ezekiel 29 — how the passage is being used to predict yet future events (turns out in this case, before the 2012 doomsday; how ominous).

I’m speaking at a conference in 2013 that may surprise some of you: Future Congress 2. If you go the speakers’ profiles, there I am, right under the picture of Hal Lindsey. It’s not a fake page.  Better take a screen shot of it.

The conference itself has a number of popular prophecy speakers, though the focus isn’t supposed to be prophecy (some of the prophecy speakers are doing other things). I can only tell you I agreed to this after getting a clear thumbs up from the organizers that I can say what I think. I can and will, if there is some point to make. I’m no loose cannon, but I don’t like people being taught poorly.

The organizers let me know the date for the event was deliberate — it’s after December 21, 2012, scheduled on Jan 4-6, 2012, in Dallas. So they expect to still be there (and of course, so do I, at least as that concerns the non-credibility of the 2012 hoopla — Christian hoopla included).  One of my topics will be familiar to readers of this blog (“What You Know May Not Be So: How Biblical Prophecy is Unclear and Why”). The others actually pertain (in certain respects) to research I’ve been doing for the sequel to my novel, The Facade.  The sequel will be my chance to go after why all this “prophecy becomes clear when we read the newspaper” stuff can (and I think will) be so damaging to the believing church. I’ll use fiction to get the ideas across.  But back to Future Congress 2 …

I’m thinking about showing some specific examples of absurd and misguided predictions made by Christians in regard to the 2012 doomsday nonsense. The link I saw this morning on the Comments page gave me the idea to ask for more. So, if you find any, please send (by email: mshmichaelsheiser@gmail.com) links to current 2012 Bible prophecy predictions. Especially “valuable” will be examples of prophetic interpretation like the Harbinger twaddle — but 2012 needs to be their focus or I can’t use them.