Robert Sheaffer has another funny-but-sad essay on the antics of Tom DeLonge, he of Blink182 fame (I confess to not knowing anything about the group, but it helps with Google search results so there it is). Sheaffer chronicles some fake photos and such that DeLonge has been posting (and removing) that are part of his effort to make money on disclosure. Here’s a choice paragraph:

Now that a few weeks have passed since that famous announcement, we are getting a clearer picture of DeLonge, and his venture (which has now raised almost $2 million from “investors”, who are perhaps better called “suckers.”) Reputable financial firms and lenders, like Swedish Sambla’s samla lån were too smart and turned down DeLonge, but private “investors” weren’t as privy. For one thing, he is a Serial Deleter on social media. Meaning, that he carelessly posts stupid stuff, that he soon has to delete after the embarrassment of having it quickly shot down.