[Addendum to this post: The registration deadline has been extended to May 22; – MSH]

Registration for module 4 of MEMRA is open now, and will be open until May 15. Courses offered this time are:

  • Beginning Hebrew (52 weeks)
  • Beginning Greek (52 weeks)
  • How We Got the Old Testament
    • Description: An introduction to the collection and historical transmission of the text of the Old Testament. Attention will focus on the canonical process, ancient scribal tasks, copying and transmission of the biblical text, and ancient and modern translation of the biblical texts. The student will be introduced to types of errors in manuscript transmission, divergent readings in manuscripts, text-critical principles of evaluating errors and divergent readings, and the history of the printed Old Testament.
  • Old Testament Theology II (no pre-requisite necessary)

    • Description: An examination of Old Testament creation cosmology and its relationship to chaos and the existence of evil, the divine council, and divine imaging.
  • The Book of 1 Enoch II (no pre-requisite necessary)
    • Description:  Continuation of 1 Enoch I, which covered chapters 1-36.

Here is the link to register. Note that books are not included in tuition and must be ordered separately, The module begins May 23, but registration closes on May 15.