Maybe this is a sign of the coming apocalypse.

I recently wrote a short piece on Zecharia Sitchin for a friend’s e-newsletter.  I later blogged about it over at PaleoBabble and my personal blog.  That piece, entitled “Zecharia Sitchin: Why You Can Safely Ignore Him,” was picked up and published today by UFO Digest. Here’s the link.

I think what UFO Digest has done here is very noteworthy. To me (and I could be wrong) it suggests a few things: (1) There really are UFO researchers out there who are open to the “movement’s” self-critique (it’s called objectivity); (2) There are UFO researchers out there who would not agree with me who understand I’m not the boogey-man or a mindless debunker; (3) There is a portion of the UFO community that understands one can separate nonsense like Sitchin and other New Age compatriots who are in the UFO community from the UFO / alien contact idea itself.  You don’t need to buy in to ancient astronaut nuttiness to consider the UFO issue a serious one deserving of attention. Ditto for the question of extraterrestrial life and possible ET contact.

I hope some of you tell UFO Digest you appreciate their courage in publishing something of a contrarian nature. Now I’ll wait for the hate mail, which will invariably illustrate the kind of unreasoned religious fervor of which many serious Christians and Jews get unjustly accused with respect to their religion. Maybe I’ll even blog some of that (what fun).