For those who have not read the post that explains why I’m getting into this and what I mean, read that first.

In that original post, I said there were four trajectories I’d have to track to help people understand the “fundamentalist” view (that this is all about demons). They were:

Basically, there are four reasons for this:

1. Abductee testimony of the forcible trauma of their experience.

2. The similarity of abductee testimony to early Christian (and otherwise) reports of demonization.

3. The similarity of abductee testimony to the events described in Genesis 6:1-4 (and other ancient Jewish texts).

4. A belief that the events of Genesis 6 (and so, an alien presence) is a specific touchpoint in New Testament teaching about the Second Coming (or, for many, the notion of a rapture — which is not the same as what is broadly thought of as the Second Coming).

Let’s start with number 1 – the violent forcible trauma described by abductee testimony. In a nutshell, anyone (human or not) who would do such things as described below would be evil — and what better representatives of evil are there than demons? Not difficult to follow.

There are  a number of books that chronicle the heinous things abductees report. Dr. David Jacobs’ two books, Secret Life and The Threat, are a good place to start. But it’s probably easier to just show you the tables from pages 354-366 of the book Alien Discussion: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference at MIT, Cambridge, Ma. Those pages are the reference for the paper by Gwen Dean entitled, “Comparisons of Abduction Accounts with Ritual Maltreatment” (i.e., ritual and satanic abuse). The comparison pages cover six pages. I invite you to read through them, noting not only the violence, but also the numerous overlaps with ritual and satanic ritual abuse testimony.

The point: It would take a lot to dissuade any “fundamentalist” that such things were not evil and satanic. This is Exhibit A why the fundamentalist believes that, if the abductee testimony is true, if the person *did* have a physical experience, those who perpetrated these acts of violence are anything but enlightened beings with which we should seek to commune, and from whom we should seek wisdom. Such abuses of human rights are not only crimes, they are evil.