Recently I blogged about the two titles that have emerged for my “divine council worldview” books, as well as their Tables of Content. Now it’s time for some sample chapters.

In both cases, these chapters are what we’re calling “penultimate” chapters. They still need a final run through to tweak things and catch typos (I know of at least one). I’m posting them now because I’m allowed to. They’re public, since folks at ICRS got them as samples.

In regard to The Unseen Realm, the three sample chapters are the first three in the book. There are two chapters of general introduction followed by a third that introduces the divine council. They are not technical. The book gets progressively more technical (i.e., more footnotes and expanded comment in footnotes) as chapters build on certain trajectories and settle on important or controversial passages. With respect to Supernatural, I’ve posted the first two chapters. These are the only sample chapters I’ll be posting.

It will be easy to see how different the books are. I described the basic approaches earlier. The trade book (Supernatural) is designed to be very basic, essentially summarizing the core ideas of Unseen World. Small group materials will be made from Supernatural. I can’t say more specifically now, but each book has a planned “volume 2” or follow-up. But that’s quite a bit future.

Feedback welcome!

And feel free to pass the files around – we want to start discussion and create some anticipation. This is the very beginning of that.