Nick has an interesting post today about possible links to the Collins Elite group, featured in his book Final Events (reviewed here by yours truly). In a nutshell, the update concerns advances in “memory metal” that may be linkable to a memo Nick cited in Final Events that had NASA being able to achieve a “manifestation” of certain materials in a laboratory that utilized the “Parsons Technique.” My take on this is that Parson was of course doing alchemical experiments. But alchemy is what is now called chemistry and materials science. I’m not surprised in the least that a rocket scientist like Parsons would have an advanced knowledge of chemistry and/or materials science. You wouldn’t need to connect to demons (or aliens) for that. Occam’s razor would suggest that Parsons might simply deserve credit for thinking outside the chemical / materials science box, ahead of his time. Any connection with Roswell would be interesting, of course, but would not point to aliens 9for that one would need to know that whatever was produced in the lab was of alien intellectual origin — and we’d first need to know there are aliens for that one — or was not achievable with earthly materials. The latter is basically ruled out by Nick’s update (palladium does exist on earth), so the former is the issue.