t’s not Balducci speaking (yet). There have been a lot of articles lately on how the Vatican’s chief astronomer says there might be ETs. I’m trying not to yawn.

Actually, this is OLD news–as in CENTURIES and even a MILLENNIUM old.  Amazing how people don’t know that Christianity has asked many times whether there are other worlds and whether those worlds might be inhabited.  Even more unknown (except to people who have read The Facade) is the fact that an ET reality would not of necessity be a huge theological hurdle (it depends on how the data is processed–there we go again).  Here’s the first paragraph of an article entitled “Vatican Astronomer Cites Possibility of Extraterrestrial ‘Brothers’“:1

The Vatican’s chief astronomer says there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of extraterrestrial “brothers” perhaps more evolved than humans.

No kidding.  But what he’s NOT thinking of here is what Msgr. Balducci is apparently thinking of (hey, he’s been courted by retail ufologists for years).

  1. Thanks to Matt Landis for this!